Andrew Serefine, MS, LMFTA, LPC-I


Therapist Andrew Serefine will help you develop new strategies to meet the challenges faced in your life, both as an individual and in the context of a relationship with others in your family, social, and work settings.

You will begin to work on solutions during your first session with Andrew.  You will continue to build on those solutions during subsequent consultations.

Therapeutic services are provided to individuals, couples and/or families. Appointments with Andrew are private and available in-person, or via Skype or telephone. Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

Andrew Serefine
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“The basic quest of family therapy is to release unused possibilities.”
-Salvador Minuchin

EMAIL: ASerefine@CCDCounseling.com  ∙  PHONE: 972.353.9404 ext. 12



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